Historic District Commission

What is the Historic District Commission?

The Historic District Commission is a branch of town government that works to preserve and protect the Hamlet of Charlton, its buildings and open spaces, and to ensure that future growth and development shall not impair the distinctive architectural and historical character of the hamlet. The historical significance of the hamlet led to its designation as a nationally registered historic district.

What are the duties of the Historic District Commission?

The primary duty of the commission is to exercise advisory, aesthetic judgment on the property and structures within the hamlet. As an advisory board, the commission is to review all plans for the construction, alteration or demolition of structures within the Historic District. The input and opinion of the commission are communicated through the Recommendation of Appropriateness process.

Board Members

Name Title
James Poirier Chairman
Dave Taplin Member
Richard Battenhausen Member
Joe Volpe Member
Marvin Livingston Member