Supervisor's Office

Duties & Responsibilities

  • As a chief fiscal officer of the town, the supervisor directs the day-to-day activities of town affairs and establishes the liaison committees of the town board. The town supervisor appoints the deputy supervisor and a confidential secretary.
  • Provides direction in the implementation of policies adopted by the town board.
  • Communicates: with the county, state, and federal agencies on matters relating to town government.
  • Proposes: policies and projects for consideration by the town board.
  • Legislative functions... Presides at meetings of the town board and is one of its five voting members. Calls for special meetings of the town board as needed. As a voting member of the board participates with the councilmen in the appointment of all non-elected employees.
  • Fiscal responsibilities: Act as treasurer of the town and chief fiscal officer. Prepares the tentative budget.  Signs all contracts authorized by the town board. Signs all checks for payroll and vendors.




(518) 257-0224