Zoning Board of Appeals

Duties & Responsibilities

The ZBA is primarily an appellate body, charged with the review of projects that have been denied a building permit or certificate of occupancy by the Zoning Administrator. The ZBA is responsible for the review of several types of planning/zoning applications, including Use Variances, Area Variances, Temporary Certificates of Occupancy, and Special Exception to designated land uses.

The ZBA consists of five members appointed by the Town Board. The terms are for five years and are staggered such that one person expires each year. Refer to Town of Charlton Zoning Ordinance, Article VI regarding it specific procedures, policies, and duties

Please Note: Applications and supporting documents must be received by the Zoning Board Clerk 10 days in advance of the meeting to be placed on that Month's Agenda. 


Board Members

Name Title
Carlton Ellms Member
Nate Keenan Member
Jim Leupold Chairman
James Craig Attorney
Lindsey Stevens Member
Dave Taplin Member