Freedom of Information Officer

Duties & Responsibilities

The Freedom of Information Law pertains to the public's right to government records; the Open Meetings Law concerns the public's right to attend meetings of public bodies. Both of these statutes are based upon a presumption of access and have undergone significant changes based upon recommendations made by New York State’s Committee On Open Government.

All Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) requests for the Town of Charlton should be addressed in writing (by letter, e-mail, or by submitting the form in the link above) to the Freedom of Information Officer (FOI) who has the duty of coordinating the Town’s response to public requests for records.

The FOI Officer is responsible for responding to requests directly or ensuring that Town personnel keep records up-to-date, assisting in identifying records sought, making the records promptly available or denying access in writing, providing copies of records, certifying that a copy is a true copy, and, if the records cannot be found, certifying either that the Town does not have possession of the requested records or that the Town does have the records, but they cannot be found after diligent search.

For further information regarding the FOIL laws, please see the “Your Right to Know” Booklet in the link above, or visit the Committee On Open Government’s website.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Brenda Mills Freedom Of Information Officer (Ext. 201)